I am interested in what a specific object is for, why and where - whether it intuitively works. Terms such as 'abstract' or 'traditional' don't help me get there.


I don't separate lettering, architectural ornament or the figurative in my thinking or interest.


I have never subcontracted any carving, modelling or any other kind of work without specifically attributing collaboration to third parties.


What I can show

  • Capacity for thorough research
  • Strong knowledge base on fabrication; art history; architecture; gardens; and historical and political contexts
  • High-level manual skill and expertise in the making of objects and environments
  • Performing to commission criteria
  • Collaborative bent
  • Administrative capabilities in organising and executing complex lengthy projects

Formal Training

  • History, and then Social & Political Sciences, specialising in political philosophy and the history of political thought. King's College Cambridge. The core benefit to figurative work is a broad appreciation of the underpinning Humanism and Anti-Humanism residing in the European tradition that directly affect representations of the human body.
  • Architectural and figurative stonecarving, including lettering, clay modelling, plaster modelling, casting and mould-making, life drawing, anatomy and stone/plaster conservation. City & Guilds of London Art School


Further Training

  • Many years of apprenticeships to a series of artists using different media ranging from the highly abstracted to more formally representational


Material media and skill sets

  • Stone carving: limestones, sandstones, marbles, granites, slates, alabaster, 'found' conglomerates; both direct carving and carving from maquettes/models. Lettering, abstract sculpture, figurative sculpture, architectural ornament, stone masonry
  • Modelling materials: clay, plastiline, plaster and wax; direct carving of stone and plaster
  • Bronze: direct carving and finishing
  • Wood: letter carving and tinting/ageing/inlay
  • Casting: plaster, alginate, polyester resin, jesmonite, mould-making with silicon rubber
  • Gilding
  • Conservation skills in stone, lime and plaster both theoretical and practical
  • Ongoing life drawing
  • MMA and TIG welding of steel and bronze